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Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.



    ~ Brene' Brown

  Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The benefits for Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy have been researched over the last 40 years with empirical evidence that supports successful outcomes - with or without medication.  

Benefits of Mindful Cognitive Therapy:

  •  Balances and Heals the Mind-Body Connection.

  •  Recognized by Medical & Mental Health Professionals.

  •  Respected by Insurance Companies due to results that reduce costs.

  •  Creates lasting Changes Comparable to Medication.

 Patient Benefits:

  •    Slow down and decrease hyperarousal.     

  •    Master deeply held inner-conflicts.

  •    Replace self-judgement with self-trust.

  •    Release old hurts and old defensive patterns.

  •    Be free of habitual reactivity (learn new tools).  

  •    Communicate effectively.

  •    Heal unhealthy relationships.

  •    Become really comfortable in your own skin.


   Mindfulness & Cognitive Therapy are particularly effective for:


    Life Skills for Men & Women


Highly Sensitive Individuals
 Womens Empowerment Groups

My Approach

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist practicing since 1995.  My specialty is Personal Growth for all stages of life including Midlife and beyond, from relationships and life transitions to mood disorders including, but not limited to, sense of loss, changes in self-image, shifts in values and fear of aging. These life stages are often accompanied in varying degrees by mood disorders, low self-esteem, loneliness, increased stress, anger, anxiety and depression.


We feel stuck, out of balance or control, confused, hopeless, misunderstood, alone, fatigued, irritated, agitated, reactive, anxious and depressed.  In this state, we only have our habitual attitudes & responses. We are unaware of the possibilities for significant change. Worst of all, we have lost any trust in our ability to make healthy choices.

I specialize in mindful cognitive-behavioral therapy with individuals and groups. It is an approach designed to open awareness to our self-limiting perceptions & behaviors in a method of self-inquiry and gentle guidance. 

What Makes Me Different From Other Therapists?

I work intuitively and use a wide range of methods I have incorporated into my work over the years.  I choose those methods best suited to meet your individual needs.

My passion since beginning my practice has been integrating mindful and holistic methods for healing mind and body with more traditional methods of psychotherapy.   I have had a mindful meditation practice of my own and have attended mindfulness workshops and retreats over many years.  I have developed and facilitated life skills groups since 1992.


I work by appointment only and accept fee for service.  I will occasionally slide my scale to meet financial constraints.

I look forward to working with you on your journey to freedom.

Thoughts believed create your World.  When you question your thoughts, you change your World.
     ~ Byron Katie
My Approach
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