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  Hope & Possibility

It is possible through a mindful exploration of the thoughts & feelings that cause suffering to transform our lives.

 "Suffering is our call to attention, our call to investigate the truth of our beliefs."  

                ~ Tara Brach


ageless mind

    Welcome to My Ageless Mind!

       An Ageless Mind:   

   Radiates Confidence.


   Chooses Love not Judgement.

   Replaces Fear with Fun.

   Embraces Total Honesty.

   Lives Authentically.


  My Ageless Mind  offers:  

Psychotherapy for Men & Women Individually, as Couples and in Group settings related to anxiety-panic, depression, stress management, relationships, loss, the highly sensitive, life transitions, mid-life issues and women's empowerment.  

Mid-Life Women are some of the most dynamic, interesting people to work with - please see the Group information & consider joining a Group! 


  Groups led by: Nancee L Volpi, LMFT

Adhering to COVID-19 precautions, I am now  accepting phone consultations for individuals by appointment only.  Couple consults will be offered via Zoom video chat within in the next two weeks.  

We are all in this together. 

Be safe and thank you for your understanding.    

           Nancee Volpi - 03/20/20

Therapy Group


Sometimes happiness & inner peace can only be attained after great unhappiness - when we are most willing to risk & reach out past our self-restricted boundaries, past our fear and insecurity, taking a leap of faith to become truly significant to ourselves, reclaiming our power & returning to an unshakable sense of self-trust and self-acceptance.

" There is something wonderfully bold & liberating about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life. "
      ~  Tara Brach
My Ageless Mind Therapy Group

This is a life skills workshop with a mindful cognitive approach to improved health, relationships and self-esteem. The intention of this group is learning to live undefended and embracing life more fully.    Life is a continual process of growing out of balance and returning        to a state of calm.  It is perpetual change.  But most of us continue to carry our past into our future without creating the change we want.  

In these ten weeks, you will learn how to recognize and break past    self-limiting beliefs, attitudes & lifestyles and learn how to master inner conflicts with non-judgemental loving acceptance.  

Training includes mind-body techniques, mindful meditation and compassion-based communication skills.

The sole qualification for participation in this Group is the sincere desire to:

  •  Build a strong relationship with yourself.

  •  A willingness to trust that strong inner voice that supports you.

  •  Own the power of your thoughts.

  •  Face your fears with courage & excitement.

  •  Learn to create strong boundaries with loving kindness.


  •  Speak your Truth.


It is often in our willingness to explore uncomfortable feelings that we are led to profound insights into the causes of our internal constrictions, stress and the means to release the pain associated with them.  

The hidden parts of you - the ones that you are reluctant to let others see -- are the same parts that keep you from fully owning your power and living a life that is fully present.

The only way out of the pain is through the pain.  

We will be creating a safe & supportive refuge in which to explore your thoughts & emotions using mindfulness & inquiry to reach a place of awareness where change can happen.


The Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach is a process that involves developing a different relationship with uncomfortable feelings.  The feelings are welcomed rather than resisted, as a gateway to knowing yourself better and knowing what your needs really are.      The uncomfortable feelings now become a bridge to guide you along  a new path to freedom and resilience.

Living undefended  returns you to a place inside yourself, perhaps bigger than yourself, that's comfortable & where you can rest in the knowledge of being able to cope with whatever arises.  To be able to come to the place where you can lovingly state:  "This is who I am -  You can choose to disagree.  I won't take it personally."  It is a moment to moment awareness of your own needs - separate from the judgement  of others. It is a place of fearless intimacy and loving connection.

This is an Ageless Mind.

This group is not a replacement for Individual therapy & is not designed to address more serious problems    If you have an individual therapist, please consult with them before applying.

 Confidentiality Agreements are required for all Group Participants.

 All Groups are limited to (6) participants per Group.


      Rates for Couples Therapy.   $ 145.00 per hour.

    (Fees are negotiable based on financial hardship on a per case review.)




Cost: Groups are $ 60.00 per Session - each group runs for 10 consecutive weeks.

Private Therapy Rate:$ 130.00 per hour.


      Nancee L. Volpi, LMFT 

 Courage starts with showing up & letting ourselves be seen.


              ~ Brene' Brown

Contact Me

We are living in times of trouble & uncertainty. We need places where human beings can go for refuge, to sit in silence & access an inner space of insight & resilience.  I offer a place to slow down & connect with your heart's inner wisdom through mindfulness, gentle guidance, and meditation.

If you would like more information, please call me at the phone number listed or email on the form below.   Please indicate if you are interested in My Ageless Mind Group, Individual Therapy or Couples Therapy.

Interested but not certain this group is for you?  I invite you to contact me for a Free 20-Minute Consultation. It's a No Cost, No Commitment, Casual way to meet & get specific questions answered. There are no strings attached, no hard sell - all that is needed is an email letting me know you are interested & the date you will be coming.  That's all.  It's a good way to find out if this is the right fit before you commit!  I look forward to meeting you.


5250 Claremont Ave   Suite 224

Stockton  CA  95207

Tel: 209-952-3194 


   Phone appointments for individuals are available now -               Couples Therapy utilizing Zoom Video will be available shortly.

  If you are considering joining one of our Groups, please call or email me to schedule a FREE 20-Minute Consultation to learn more about the techniques & tools used in this Behavioral Therapy Group.                            

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